Monday, May 28, 2012

Fruit Kabobs

Today we went to a family Memorial Day BBQ.  If there is ever a time to make a Pinterest food item, it's for a BBQ.  Share the Pinterest love!

My Aunt-in-law had asked us to bring fruit.  No problemo, because I had seen some adorable Fruit Kabobs on Pinterest recently:

While these are adorable, they are a little too perfect for me - I mean the raspberries must be genetically engineered to be the exact same shape, size and color!

Anyhow, I set off to the grocery store and collected strawberries, green grapes, watermelon, cantelope, blueberries and pineapple and some 12" wooden skewers.  Nom nom.

The Pinspiring Husband helped slice the fruit and I skewered away.  The BBQ attendees thought the presentation was really cute, and it turns out, 12" holds just the right serving size of fruit.

Sorry there aren't more photos, my hands were coated in fruit juices - not conducive to handling the fancy camera.  :-)

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