Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Shaming

There's not nearly enough Baby Shaming on Pinterest.  Case in point:

Two baby shaming photos, two of the same photo about Beyonce, and one dog shaming photo.

Dog Shaming is hilarious.  They look so guilty, and their offenses are too funny.  Recently, a friend mentioned something about Baby Shaming on Mommy Shorts, so I had to look in to it.  Just as, if not more funny. 

There are probably multiple baby shaming opportunities each day in our house, but today was special.  Little man was coloring in a coloring book on the floor, as I was ordering some books (for him) online.  I glance over to see he has migrated to the couch and is furiously concentrating on the cushion.  The off-white cushion.

And while I was all, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" I couldn't put him in timeout because A) this was a first offense and we had never had the "we don't color on the couch" talk and B) I was distracted at the time and the whole situation could have been avoided had I not been ordering books (for him) online.

So I hugged him and said, "We don't color on the couch." as he was pointing and smiling proudly at his masterpiece.  I had to capture the moment, and thought a baby shaming photo would be a perfect way to capture the moment.  Here is the mugshot.

Two lessons I've learned today:  1) Coloring should only be done while strapped in to a highchair.  and 2) The My First Crayola triangular crayons are indeed washable.  We will buy only these crayons until he is 12.


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  1. His face is priceless- "I feel shame..."

  2. Funny & cute & I must remember for any one of the million opportunites I have to try this with our LO.

  3. Hahahaha! This was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. I'm a new follower and found you through Naptime Review's Monday Mingle. I was the mystery host this week and wanted to come by and say hello.

    Roni @ HomePayge blog:) Hope you will come visit HomePayge!

  4. i found your blog thru the naptime review mom's monday mingle and now follow thru gfc. thanks, dear!

  5. Too funny!!! These will be great for telling the story of when he did .... in the years to come!