Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Necktie Onesie - So Cute and So Easy!

I had brunch this weekend with a group of fantastic women, and one of them is just about to go in to labor at any moment.  On Friday, we decided that brunch would be an impromptu surprise shower for her.  Gifts were not expected, but we could bring something if we were so inclined.

I thought it was a perfect opportunity to make a Necktie Onesie that I originally saw on Haute Apple Pie:

I was already equipped with the necessary supplies, although I cannot remember why I had some unused Newborn Onesies laying around...

The pattern for the necktie is a free download, and the directions from the tutorial are super easy to follow.  I had some of this Riley Blake All Star 2 fabric left over from a previous project, and a paisley tie is so charming...

Since this was a teeny tiny Onesie, I downsized the pattern a quarter inch.  The dotted line was the original seam allowance.

The tie in two pieces.  Interfacing had been ironed on prior to cutting.  So cute!

Two pieces sewn together, and the seam allowances pressed under.  Ready to be attached to the Onesie.

Ta-Daah!  So adorable.  This little man is going to look so dapper!  I'm going to have to make my own little man a few of these for the summer! 

This project was stupid fast and so easy!  The main challenge was maneuvering this tiny Onesie around my bulky sewing machine arm.  If I were to change anything, I might make the two pieces of the necktie a little more angled at the knot connection.  But all-in-all, it's a sweet one-of-a-kind pieces for the smallest of gentlemen.  I just hope that her baby isn't too big for the Newborn size right out of the gate!

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  1. Yay! It turned out great! Glad the tutorial was easy for you!
    - Katie @ Haute Apple Pie

  2. So cute!

    And thanks for linking up! (Catching up with my Pinteractive commenting.)