Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pinspiring Me to DIY: Wedding Card Box

One of my dearest friends Dora is getting married this weekend.  Back in November, we were talking wedding details, and she mentioned that she couldn't believe she was about to drop $90 on a box for people to put wedding cards in.  I couldn't believe it either.  In fact, here's our conversation about this insanity:

Never fear, Leah will DIY this one.  Convo from 11/14/11

Now, my wedding was pretty bare bones when it came to details like this.  There was a basket on a gift table where guests could put cards for us.  I wasn't trying to dismiss her desire for a fancy card box.  I would have loved a fancy card box too, had I known about fancy card boxes back when I was wedding planning.  I just really felt that it was unnecessary to spend $90 on one (and based on her initial comment, she did too). 

So, with a committment and a deadline of 1/1/12 looming, I set out to make a fancy card box for Dora's wedding.  As always, Pinterest came to my rescue:

Simple and stunning.  I hope I can produce!
There were a few requirements that Dora put forth:

Eggplant, Ribbon, Lace, Sparkle Brooch(es)
Off to G Street Fabrics I went, with my shopping list.  Lucky me, I found a gorgeous, rich eggplant poly/rayon blend on the clearance table - $2.97/yard!  Then it was over to Michael's to purchase my first Hot Glue Gun, and some boxes.  The boxes I found were holiday themed, naturally.

How did I make it 33 years before owning a hot glue gun?
  I set to work carefully cutting apart the boxes just so.  Then it was time for the hot glue gun maiden voyage.  Dora did not specify that the inside of the box needed to be pretty...the guests wouldn't be able to see that part anyhow!

The inside of the top box.  The hole at the bottom of the top box is supposed to be there.

The top box (left) and the lid of the bottom box (right).
How the top and the bottom boxes will be connected. 

It looks much more professional with the lid on, hiding the holiday themed box inside!

I went searching for the perfect lace and ribbon.  Dora had provided me with two brooches that she was so-so about.  I found the most beautiful bridal lace, which I thought would be perfect alone (no ribbon), but I had to consult my client before I made that decision.  Happily, she agreed.  The lace I had selected was gorgeous enough that anything extra would be too much. 

By this point, my hot glue gun and I had become great friends, even though I had burned myself a few times -- turns out they are really hot!!  The lace was cooperative to being affixed to the fabric.

Lace Crush

I'm getting excited now!

I'm happy to report that Dora loves the final product.  And it didn't cost her a penny!  I can't wait to see my work in action on her big day this Saturday!
Fancy Card Boxes!

Congratulations, Dora and Carlo!  The fun has just begun!

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  1. As a fellow "pinhead" ( is that a term?) I love the concept behind your blog!! Happy Pinning and best wishes with your new blog! I hope you will check out some of my creations!

  2. Great blog idea!!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do.

  3. Beautiful boxes. Your convo made me laugh a bit. I just got on the pinterest waiting list. It looks fun.

  4. Love your blog concept! Great projects so far and I am impressed with your fortitude for tackling the projects that pinterst inspires. I have many pinned and have yet to actually take any on!
    Hope you enjoy blogging, I have found it to be so rewarding in my 15 months....
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  5. Love your blog!! Such a great idea! Your awesome sis sent me your way. I am your newest follower...number 20, if only that was my age lol!